City Gas Distribution

City gas distribution

Eleventure takes pride in providing eccentric solutions for the piped gas and household maintenance services industry. City Gas Distribution (CGD) is a central pier of our expanding segments that range from Piped Gas Systems to Customer services and SAAS solutions to Workflow Managements with our continuous innovations.

A constant surge in the use of gas in domestic households has been seen. And it brings us immense joy that we are capable of delivering as per the expectations of the industry that is picking up the moment. Not only domestic uses, but we are providing our services to the commercial sector to help them spread joy through their uninterrupted functions. Eleventure’s complete solution for the Industry is helping to shape the Industry to next level.

We bring our global expertise and world-class safety records to ensure that you get comfortable, affordable, and safe access to natural gas as a cleaner and lower cost fuel source.

In the City Gas Distribution sector we design, develop and execute the network development as EPC projects and provide Services with our state of art technologies for the Industry.