Gas Pipeline Projects, Operations & Maintenance Services

PNG Projects and O&M Services

Installing and maintaining oil and PNG gas pipeline systems can be a major undertaking, but Eleventure is a strategic organisation equipped with the innovation, capabilities, and resources to meet any demand on-time and on-budget. We have been a part of some of the largest natural gas pipeline construction jobs in the Country and have laid hundreds of miles of pipeline through some of its most challenging terrain. We have the expertise to safely complete any project while maintaining complete environmental compliance and minimising impact to land owners.

We provide gathering, upstream, midstream and distribution construction services for natural gas pipelines. Our core competencies extend throughout the nation and embody our years of professional PNG Gas Pipeline Installation and Management experience. Our experienced staff works to achieve the highest levels of quality and safety for each project, ensuring that the natural gas pipeline can withstand extreme pressure and environments with long-term reliability and safety. In urban and rural environments, our pipeline laying capabilities allow us to minimize disruptions to traffic, homeowners, and businesses, as well as coordinate with multiple other companies to integrate various utilities and communications services in one trench. In rural or remote areas, we utilize specialized equipment to quickly move earth and cut through Morrum, Boulders, Rock.

Every one of our employees is held accountable for meeting our stringent safety standards and for maintaining our commitment to environmental responsibility. We are constantly striving to develop innovative solutions that balance the needs of our clients with those of landowners, regulator agencies, and the environment, and to return each project site to the condition in which we found it.


> Distribution and Transmission Pipeline Systems (MDPE and Steel pipe)

Natural Gas Pipeline Construction – Directional Drilling – Loops and Laterals – Hydrostatic Testing & Drying Services – Trenching, Moling, HDD’s, River & Road Crossings

> Ongoing Maintenance

Shutdowns – Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Repair, Retirement and Removal – Relocation – Line Lowering – Valve Replacement

> Pneumatic/ Hydrostatic / Integrity Testing

> Emergency Services