Industrial and Commercial

Eleventure delivers solutions that improve quality and reliability while reducing customer costs.


– Piped Gas System (LPG & PNG) installation and maintenance for safety and low cost

– Plumbing & Fire Fighting System installation on Turnkey basis and maintenance for Peace of Mind

– Facility and Building Management Services for smooth operations

Our turnkey project execution and maintenance management service capabilities help ensure the smooth running of Industrial Units, Malls, and all other types of commercial property.

In facilities management, we provide both ‘hard’ facilities management (electro-mechanical services) and ‘soft’ services (such as cleaning, catering, housekeeping, reception and security).

Our integrated facility and outsourcing services enable companies to scale their business without being worried about the infrastructure, day to day maintenance with right people. Our contracts with commercial customers can also include dedicated Eleventure Energy Advisory Services managers. They will help set detailed energy consumption targets, identify rogue consumption and take action to improve energy efficiency.