Reticulated Gas System


A reticulated gas system is also known as Piped Gas System is uninterrupted supply of cooking gas at the turn of tap.

The System is a method of distribution of cooking gas, generally LPG or PNG through a pipeline network to the customer’s kitchen for both Residential and Commercial/ Industrial customers.

The reticulated gas pipeline system is safe, convenient and economical mean for use of gas in residential houses and apartments in high rise buildings, group housing societies & in Commercial establishments. Gas is supplied through a pipeline network using multiple stages of pressure reduction systems to the kitchen.

Supply of piped gas at Consumer Premises
Gas will be supplied directly to consumer’s kitchen via piped infrastructure and a meter shall be installed for consumption by each consumer.


 – Uninterrupted gas supply: Continuous supply of gas at the turn of tap – 24X7.

 – Value Addition: Adds to the property value of the apartment.

 – Economical: Pay on actual gas consumption as per meter reading and no additional service charges

– Aesthetic appeal: No Cylinder in the kitchen for a modern living. No floor damages as in case of conventional cylinder supply.

– Convenience: No movement of cylinders in and out of the house and no cylinder handling.

 – Safety: Fraction of pressure in the kitchen as compared to cylinder pressure. Also No delivery persons into your house.

– Peace of Mind: Cooking gas supply is totally taken care.

– Transparency: Every connection is equipped with a meter in the house to record consumption.

– Economical: Piped gas supply is less expensive when compared to traditional supply.

– Quality: Installation and commissioning adhering to Oil and Gas Industries guidelines.

– Service on Call: Dedicated technicians available in the complex.

– Safe and Secure – Eliminates the risk of fire hazard caused by leakage or avoids serious accident forever due to improper fitting of gas regulator handling or leakage of (unchecked / expired) LPG cylinders.

– Liasoning Free-The consumer need not have a existing gas connection or required to avail a new connection.

– No Spillage and Pilferage: – Unlike other fuels, spillage and pilferage is avoided due to metering and regulating skids and moreover no worry of less gas in LPG cylinders.